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Wireless Sound Unit

Wireless Sound Unit: This unit works to receive the voice alert system from the main unit wirelessly and connect it to the headphone to enjoy the voice alert feature directly through the headphone, with the ability to control the volume or even mute it through the volume control key located at the top of the unit. This unit conforms to several modules: MF 1100 PRO – WF 101 III – GF 1000. Please choose the device you own.

Wireless Antenna

Wireless Antenna Wireless antenna to boost the signal to transfer data to other search systems, This antenna works with our devices that support data transmission via wireless technology, which have a role to transmitting and giving commands from the main unit of the controlling device to the attached search units to set and transmit data.

Electric Chargers

Charge Adapter: The electric charger is responsible for supplying electrical power to the devices to recharge the battery, and each device has a special charger with different characteristics, in terms of voltage and ampere power, please choose the appropriate charger for your device.

Electrical Cord Reel

Electrical Cord Reel: The reels of dynamic design are easy to handle, equipped with high-quality, high-conductivity wires. These wires connect the power outlets in the main unit of the device and connect to one of the probes connected to the soil. To complete the geophysical survey process, these Cord reel are provided with that devices operate on a geophysical detection and measurement system. These wires are offered as a set of two pieces.

Geophysical Unit

Geophysical Unit: This geophysical unit works with some of our devices, support the detection system to working by the geophysical search system to measure the intensity of electrical resistance of the soil to detection and search for metal, caves and groundwater. This unit includes the connection wires of the geophysical system, which connect the unit to the ground probes. Please specify the device that you own to obtain this unit.  


Ground Electro-Probes: Made of the finest types of stainless, which is strong conductive of energy, and sturdy. These probes are connected in the soil to transmit electricity and currents from devices that operate with a geophysical search system. If you need to own these probes, you should choose the device you have. These Probes are offered as a set of two pieces.

Ground Reinforcement Unite

Ground Reinforcement Unite: Equipped with built-broadcast device works on two systems, signal filter system to confirm target location, and ground transmitter system to strengthen of the signal, to work in mountainous and rocky areas. This unit works via Bluetooth system to communicate with the main unit through a special control interface to turn on/off, of these systems through the system interface. This unit conforms to several modules: MF 1100 PRO – WF 101 III – GF 1000. Please choose the device you own.

Ground Scan Sensor

Ground Radar Sensor: This sensor is supplied with several models of our devices with different values, works to scan of soil layers and get to know its contents and read fields and levels of magnetic radiation to detects and locate the locations of metal and caves underground, It's must be connected to the main unit of the detector device to work through ground sensor system or the ground imaging scanning system, inside it is equipped with high-tech sensors with accurate results, made by mwf group. If you want any sensor, please select your device name.

Ground Transmitter

Ground Transmitter Unit: This unit is connected to devices and systems that work on remote sensing systems or Long-range system, to be responsible for transmitting and transmitting the frequency waves emanating from the search device towards the earth. It is considered the main supporter for signal enhancement in mountainous and rocky areas, It works with several models of our detectors, If you want to have it please select the device you own.

Hand-Held LRL

Hand-Held LRL: This unit works on the technology of long-range locator to locate targets and monitor it from long distances. It directs the user and leads him to the target location directly, with the laser LED system, receive search commands and settings from the main unit wirelessly, it works with some of our detectors, so you have to choose what you have device to get this unit. This unit works by AAx4 batteries.

Handle Grip

Handle Grip This handle works and connects with most of our Long Range Locator devices to allow the device to moving and rotating at an angle of 360 degrees freely and flexibly, but the model differs from one device to another so you have to choose the appropriate handle for your device.


Headphones: These headphone work with all of our devices that have a 3.5 mm headphone jack.  
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